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Acupuncture + Sound Healing


Join Rachelle & Elizabeth

Saturday, Oct 29th
11:00am - 12:30pm
Hill Country Healing Haven


Acupuncture + Sound Healing

✨Group Acupuncture + Sound Healing Event✨

Be comfy and bring your yoga mat, blanket and pillows, eye pillow, to get deeply relaxed


✨Elizabeth will serenade you with reiki infused healing sounds of the Pulsar Gong, crystal singing bowls, crystal angel bells, and more, while Rachelle enhances your relaxed state with traditional calming acupuncture points that heighten meditation and deepen relaxation✨


✨Enjoy guided relaxation, mantra, and specially chosen vocal songs for blessings and serenity, to help restore your inner calm✨


✨An immersive experience of reiki infused sound healing with relaxation inducing acupuncture, your experience will be restorative, passive meditation

✨You don’t have to do anything!  Just rest and receive✨

✨The self-care time you need to reconnect with your inner peace✨


Acupuncture provided by Rachelle, Hill Country Healing Haven

Sound & Energy Healing with Elizabeth, Dakini Springs


Experience Deep Relaxation 

Healing Acupuncture & Sound

*Socially distanced zero gravity chairs available upon request

*Space is limited*

*reserve via venmo $50 to 


Acupuncture + Sound Healing

Hill Country Healing Haven

101 Hays St, Unit 406 

Dripping Springs, TX

Venmo $50 to @dakini-springs

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