Friday Nights 7:30 - 9:30pm with Elizabeth

Sound & Energy Healing


Join us Friday nights and let your week drop away...Find yourself enveloped in healing vibrations


Enter the space of healing and let the week drop away as Elizabeth weaves Energetic Light Healing into musical sound journeys for a deeply relaxing and restorative experience


Enjoy guided meditations and visualizations, progressive relaxation techniques, and energy healing while Elizabeth serenades you with a magical array of sound healing instrument.

Experience the powerfully clearing and balancing sonic energy tools of a master artisan-made gong, large crystal singing bowls and specially chosen vocal melodies and mantras 

Encounter more personal sound and light energy healing, as Elizabeth plays over you and incorporates chakra clearing and harmonizing techniques over your body with her hand held instruments and healing chants 

This sonic journey helps to cleanse and purify stagnant energy in our bodies, soften our heart minds with gratitude, call in abundance and blessings, and refill our spirits with nourishing, high frequency vibrational energy


Rejoin your outer world feeling lighter, refreshed, more relaxed and more deeply connected to your inner peace